Index of Calibre Companion Updates

Because of a Google policy change I can no longer put CC updates on the Play Store. The change: in order to post updates I must change CC to hand copies of books to reader apps instead of the original file on devices running Android Nougat (7), Oreo (8), Pie (9) and up. I am currently unable to do this work because most of my "stuff" is in storage until our flat construction is finished. I also am not convinced that forcing copies is a good idea, but in the end I might not have a choice.

These versions are identical to what I would put on the Play Store. The full version contains the same licence checks and behaves in the same way when doing the checks. To avoid problems with the checks you must have purchased CC from the Play Store. In other words, these updates are no easier to pirate than the ones on the Play Store.

The Amazon versions will not be made available here.

To install an update, use a browser on your device to open this page then select (tap) the file you want. The file will be downloaded to your device, possibly after warning you that the file might be dangerous. You then "Open" the file to install it. You might be asked to allow installation from unknown sources. You must say "yes" to install the update.

Below are the updates released since the policy change:

NameLast modifiedSize

V5.4.4.1 Change Log.html2019-02-09 19:47 177
V5.4.4.1-demo.apk2019-02-08 11:34 4.9M
V5.4.4.1-full.apk2019-02-08 11:34 5.5M