Calibre Companion for Android is available.

Calibre Companion is an Android app that connects to calibre over WiFi as a reading device, eliminating the need to use a cable. Calibre Companion connects to calibre using its recently added wireless device driver, supporting book transfer and management in the same ways as cabled devices. Once books are transferred to your device, you can use Calibre Companion to sort books; group them by author, title, series and more; and to open the book in several reader apps.

To learn more about Calibre Companion, see its page at MultiPie. You can also read about it and make comments on the Calibre Companion forum on MobileRead.

My Work on

calibre logo

I have been working on calibre for more than three years. A few of my contributions are custom columns, nested user categories, quickview, most search features, the all-on-one-page metadata edit dialog, the calibre template language, metadata plugboards, many get-books stores in the EU, metadata search and replace, and many performance improvements.

Calibre-PHP Content Server

I have implemented a calibre content server in PHP. Releases are below.

I no longer use or maintain this server. You are welcome to use the releases below if they satisfy your needs. You can find more information about this and other alternatives to calibre's content server in this forum on MobileRead.

Change log  
Release 0.2.8 calibre_php_server-V0.2.8.txt 2012/02/15
Release 0.2.7 calibre_php_server-V0.2.7.txt 2011/10/14
Release 0.2.6 calibre_php_server-V0.2.6.txt 2011/07/10
Release 0.2.5 calibre_php_server-V0.2.5.txt 2011/06/29
Release 0.2.4 calibre_php_server-V0.2.4.txt 2011/01/22
Release 0.2.3 calibre_php_server-V0.2.3.txt 2010/12/15
Release 0.2.2 calibre_php_server-V0.2.2.txt 2010/12/08
Release 0.2.1 calibre_php_server-V0.2.1.txt 2010/12/06
Release 0.2.0 calibre_php_server-V0.2.0.txt 2010/11/27
Release 0.1.6 calibre_php_server-V0.1.6.txt 2010/11/07
Release 0.1.5 calibre_php_server-V0.1.5.txt 2010/11/06
Release 0.1.4 calibre_php_server-V0.1.4.txt 2010/11/05
Release 0.1.3 calibre_php_server-V0.1.3.txt 2010/11/05
Release 0.1.2 calibre_php_server-V0.1.2.txt 2010/11/04
Release 0.1.1 calibre_php_server-V0.1.1.txt 2010/10/31
Release 0.1.0   2010/10/30