Calibre Companion for Android

I am the main developer of Calibre Companion, an Android app that connects to calibre over WiFi as a reading device, eliminating the need to use a cable. Calibre Companion connects to calibre using its recently added wireless device driver, supporting book transfer and management in the same ways as cabled devices. Once books are transferred to your device, you can use Calibre Companion to sort books; group them by author, title, series and more; and to open the book in several reader apps.

To learn more about Calibre Companion, see its page at MultiPie. You can also read about it and make comments on the Calibre Companion forum on MobileRead.

Contributing to CC development

Many people have said that CC's value to them far exceeds its purchase price and have asked for a way to contribute more to the project and to us. People asking to pay more for our product is both surprising and gratifying, and we thank you all for the kind words.

I have been asked often enough that I have decided to accept contributions. If you wish to contribute to CC development, push the button below in the currency you wish to use, enter the amount you wish to contribute, then click "Update". Continue to making the payment. PayPal might ask you for a delivery address, or might not. I have tried to convince their button builder that the payment is for intangible goods and nothing will ever ship, but it doesn't always work. Note: if you use a credit card you might see a payment to "Frogfish-CC" or "Frogfish Tech-CC". Frogfish Technologies is my company.

Thank you for any amount you choose to contribute. And thank you for purchasing and supporting CC. We will strive to continue earning your confidence.

FYI: I am using "Pay Now" instead of "Donate" because of PayPal rules. PayPal insists that Donate buttons be used only by charities, which we are obviously not. Some people seem to get away with using Donate buttons and others have come to some understanding with PayPal. Others have had all their contributions confiscated by PayPal. I decided to avoid the problem by selling my gratitude.  smile

My Work on

calibre logo

I have been working on calibre since 2010. A few of my contributions are custom columns, nested user categories, quickview, most search features, the all-on-one-page metadata edit dialog, the calibre template language, metadata plugboards, many get-books stores in the EU, metadata search and replace, and many performance improvements.

Calibre-PHP Content Server

I have implemented a calibre content server in PHP. Releases are below.

I no longer use or maintain this server. You are welcome to use the releases below if they satisfy your needs. You can find more information about this and other alternatives to calibre's content server in this forum on MobileRead.

Change log  
Release 0.2.8 calibre_php_server-V0.2.8.txt 2012/02/15
Release 0.2.7 calibre_php_server-V0.2.7.txt 2011/10/14
Release 0.2.6 calibre_php_server-V0.2.6.txt 2011/07/10
Release 0.2.5 calibre_php_server-V0.2.5.txt 2011/06/29
Release 0.2.4 calibre_php_server-V0.2.4.txt 2011/01/22
Release 0.2.3 calibre_php_server-V0.2.3.txt 2010/12/15
Release 0.2.2 calibre_php_server-V0.2.2.txt 2010/12/08
Release 0.2.1 calibre_php_server-V0.2.1.txt 2010/12/06
Release 0.2.0 calibre_php_server-V0.2.0.txt 2010/11/27
Release 0.1.6 calibre_php_server-V0.1.6.txt 2010/11/07
Release 0.1.5 calibre_php_server-V0.1.5.txt 2010/11/06
Release 0.1.4 calibre_php_server-V0.1.4.txt 2010/11/05
Release 0.1.3 calibre_php_server-V0.1.3.txt 2010/11/05
Release 0.1.2 calibre_php_server-V0.1.2.txt 2010/11/04
Release 0.1.1 calibre_php_server-V0.1.1.txt 2010/10/31
Release 0.1.0   2010/10/30